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Google Finance

Five reasons why Google Finance is a winner

By listening to feedback from investors and smart web design, Google engineers have created a top-notch research tool for investors.

Google Finances is a top-rated tool for investment research of US stocks. It features a smart, well-designed interface for fundamental or technical analysis. For both long-term investors and short-term traders, ease of use puts this tool ahead of Yahoo Finance in the US market. For further articles on Google Finance, sign up for the free RSS feed in the sidebar.

Phony financial reform

Dodd-Frank won’t make better markets

Financial markets can be extremely complex, with many areas that can fail and break.

Unfortunately, instead of a ‘game-changing’ confidence-inspiring reform, the Obama administration presented the United States with the Dodd-Frank Act — a legislative miscarriage that has the potential to hold back recovery and impair the position of New York as a world financial center for decades — unless repealed or drastically amended.

Corporate Governance:

Stock buybacks are still bad for investors

The evidence against the wisdom and fairness of stock buybacks continues to build, but the Main Stream Media still doesn't understand.

M. A. Gumport of MG Holdings has published the July 2010 edition of the Buyback Monitor, showing corporate stock profits for 275 firms over the period 2000-2010. Without buybacks, share prices for the group now would be at least 5.3% higher (nearly 10% higher after adjustment for foregone interest income).

The lack of attention to protecting long-term investors against the massive fraud of stock buybacks is just one more sign that it will be some considerable time before the US works its way out of the present financial morass.

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Stock buybacks

Warren Buffett attacks buyback schemes

In the 2005 Berkshire-Hathaway annual report, Warren Buffet points to the unethical aspects of the buyback-option schemes so common in the US stock market. He noted that "Too often ... the deck is stacked against investors when it comes to the CEO’s pay. ... every dime paid out in dividends reduces the value of all outstanding options"
More ...

Securities Analysis

Intrinsic value

The target of classical security analysis is 'intrinsic value', a fuzzy concept defined as the value justified by the facts. Now, there may be too many 'facts' while prices exceed 'intrinsic value'. More ...

US Politics

Why are the Super-Rich often liberals?

If we are to believe the old adage that, 'people vote their pocketbooks', why are so many of the Super-Rich ardent supporters of the Democratic Party? Why do the liberal Super-Rich seem to act in a way that is so contrary to their selfish interests and economic well-being? Here I show how capital flow analysis of the Federal Reserve flow of funds accounts provides an answer to this apparent conundrum. More ...

US equities

Do stocks offer protection against inflation?

There is a common belief that a managed, diversified portfolio of US common stocks provides protection against inflation. However, there is reason to question whether this protection currently exists.
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US Bonds

Bond demand exceeds supply for a decade

Over the decade, 1995-2004, the demand for US bonds of all types has surpassed new bond issues in eight of the last ten years. This is the reason that bond prices have held firm, even in 2003, when net new issues reached almost $1.8 trillion. More ...

World Economy

Signs of US losing its groove?

Thirty years ago, US income from abroad was more than double the amount of income that the US paid to the rest of the world. This year, or the next, this foreign income surplus may disappear forever. Is the US 'losing its groove'? More ...

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